Collaborative 3D Bio-Med

3D Medical Imagery

Actual medical scans available from any online device


View and interact with the latest Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality hardware

Collaborate in Real-Time

Coordinate and share important medical insights with colleagues around the world

What we do

We bring collaborative 3d imaging tools to our training medical professionals. Radial3D is a next generation web platform using the latest in Web3D capabilities recently unlocked on today’s connected devices. With support for current and future VR and AR devices.

The Team

Our team brings years of expertise in medical education, imaging, radiology, and real time 3D graphics.

Cloud Medical Images

We allow users to upload, view, and collaboratively share analysis of medical imagery.

Shared Workspaces

Quickly share data with other users to get a group sourced analysis of images.

Safe and Secure

All connections are HTTPS by default. Store your imagery and access it from anywhere.


Work with medical scans like never before. Collaborate and assess problems in real time together.


A platform free from the constraints of a single app or program install. We’re accessible from any WebGL 2.0 enabled browser.

Contact Us

Radial3D is currently in development and only available by private invite.
Drop us a line at info@radial3d.com and let us know your interest!